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Environmental Services

Our Environmental services Include:-
All civil engineering work
Demolition of all buildingsl
Tank Excavation & Decommissioning
Site and environmental surveying
Land decontamination
Reinstatement of the site


McFadden Group UK undertakes the day to day maintenance of petrol service stations and has a rolling programme of work throughout the UK for the removal of underground storage tanks.

Overtime, filling stations are inevitably subject to wear and tear, from passing vehicles, fuel spillage, or oil drips which leads to a build up of unsightly grime and the development of slippery, potentially dangerous surfaces. Site interceptors and drainage accumulate silt and debris, increasing the rick of flooding, and widespread contamination. Using our services you can ensure that any site will remain clean, safe and attractive for all customers.

McFadden Group UK who are based in leeds have clients that range from small independent retailers and individual site owners to large corporations owning a series of petrol stations.