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A Winning Combination
Having a reliable team on board can make all the difference when it comes to a successful knock down, rebuild as one owner - and his contractor - can attest to. For proof, look no further than the figures, including one Fat Lady
When the land beside his Ackworth Service site became available early last year, owner Farook Valli decided it was time for an upgrade at the Pontefract site.
He called in Paul Mcfadden, MD of McFadden Building and Civil Engineering, which had build four other BP service stations for Farook in the last few years. With the KDRB (Knock Down ReBuild) completed the business open for several weeks now, Paul recently returned the favour by presenting Farook with a restored 1926 Gilbert & Barker 'Fat Lady' petrol pump as a thank you.It's a gift in reconition of the work they'd done together, including the pontefract project, which saw the old 50sq ft shop knocked down to build a new & improved 3000sq foot one. The upgrade has transformed our business, Farook says. " We'd had the business for ten years and it had got to the stage where sales where slipping so we asked some big questions", he recalls. "The shop wasn't what a modern convenience offer should be. The answer was to try and improve the location, and this opportunity came up. It was the right time to aquire and redevelop the site"
A Totally different Business 
Once planning permission was received, the works began in november 2010. Because it was a new piece of land adjacent to the current station, work could progress with out the original shop shutting down.That proved fortunate. A few weeks into the redevelopment works a previously undetected gas main was discovered, which led to a three month delay. Due to the bad winter - this was December 2012 - the gas company had to prioritise emergency work and could not visit the site until march."It was out of our hands" Farook recalls. "It was not something we wanted but we still got there in the end" Work began again in March when the doors of the original shop closed for the last time and Paul's team knocked it down. Sixteen weeks later, on 20th May, the new larger shop opened for business   Farook is extremely please with the results: "It's a proper modern convenience shop offerm and has everything that you expect"Besides dedicated parking, that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, a new fresh coffee facility, greeting cards and full grocery, frozen and dairy ranges."It's a proper top-up shop so customers can get most of their groceries here and dont have to go to the supermarket" Farook adds. "We've seen a massive improvement in the shop figures, and we've been able to increase the volume of back to its historical high, and beyond. I'm shocked at the difference - it's a totally different business now." And it's not just Farook's verdict - staff and customers have commented favourably on the new look. "Customers are a lot happier and impressed with the shop offer," Farook points out "A lot of our customers have started using us as opposed to the Co-op store for their weekly shop. It's improved everything It gets you out there on daily basis and you feel proud of the bsuiness.  
More to Come.  The improvements aren't confined to the shop, either. Farook's introduced new state of the art fuel pump technologies - more efficient and accurate measuring fuel - a borehole for the washing facilities and under-canopy LED Lighting, as well as LED lighting throughout the shop.The site maybe open but that isn't stopping Farook from investing other improvements, such as solar panels for the canopy and shop building. "It's the next generation of shop; together with the cost of savings we could make, this can be a modern solution to the issues we face on a daily basis"For this, he's turned to his tried and tested suppliers, amongst others, including architects ADS and Paul, who, Farook says, has valuable experience and understands the customers' needs. " We've been working together for some time, so Paul makes suggestions from the outset. Because of his experience he can add more value to the project" Farook explains. " There are lots of little things that come together to deliver the right project.Paul says he has come to know the clients' requirements and understands what he wants. "i'm not going into the job cold so I know what's expected."Since his first project with Farook some four years ago, Paul and he have worked together on a further four projects. Next up is revisiting a previous project to extend the shop there.